Monday, July 20, 2015

This past week was another hard and discouraging week. Yesterday, the mom of Erica (one of our investigators) passed away. And not a week ago, her aunt passed away too. We passed by her house this morning to share a scripture with her and give her some comfort but to my suprise, we found her to be totally at ease. We shared the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants about those who die without a knowledge of the gospel and that they have the opportunity to accept the gospel in the Spirit World and obtain Celestial glory. I felt prompted to share my own experience about my Grandma Dot and how when she passed away that how special was the day when I was able to do her baptism and the rest of her work in the temple. These things were so close to home for me and my heart truly broke for her. But the Spirit was so strong and truly testified the truthfulness of the things that we taught. With everthing that has happened in so short amount of time, she is just as strong as ever and instead of stopping she is already up and running. She is truly such an example to me and is so strong.

 This week I really questioned why the best of people have the hardest lives and I came to discover that it is all in accordance to the magnitude of our faith. If we are strong, of course we will have to go through great trials. How can we ever be strong in the first place without them? The Scriptures literally are perfect. Just like it says in 3 Nephi 18 that if build our houses on a firm foundation instead of sand we will never faltar or be carried away. The key is  to always be strong, firm, and ready for whatever comes our way. Now is the time to be already prepared. 

Here is the new address for the NEW MISSION Argentina Buenos Aires East -spells out A BAE lol ;) 

Hermana Carly Christine Cannon 

Argentina Buenos Aires East Mission
Rivadavia 599
Quilmes 1878

Hasta Luego! 
Hermana Cannon (Colchón) 

When it rains it pours! So much has happened this week! The mission is officially divided and we got to meet the new president and his family! I´m really excited to be the pioneers of a brand new mission! 

This week has been a super sad one because on Thursday the family that lived in front of us, the Bianchini´s moved to Paraguay. It was hard to say goodbye because I had gotten so so close to them. They basically felt like family. So we had our last dinner with them. My companion made tacos, the food was so good but the situation so sad! 

And a small but grand miracle happened last Monday. After we had finished emailing we came back to our apartment, and we found that we had no electricity. None of the lights would turn on! And it was already dark. We had no idea what to do. The family (The Bianchini´s) that lived in front of us had already moved out of the house in front of ours so we were completely alone. We called the owner of our apartment who is also a member in the ward but he wasn´t answering his phone. At this point we were super scared because it was dark, we didn´t have any form of light besides our cell phone, and its a little dangerous at night. My companion turns to me and asks, "what do we do?" And I replied, "Let´s pray." So we said a frantic prayer and not ten minutes later the parents of the member who owns our apartment come through the gate and the lights magically turned on. We came to find out later that they had done nothing to turn the lights back on and  had no idea that we had been trying to call their son. They had just come by to take care and feed the dogs that are in the yard. What a great miracle and answer to our prayer, that we were able to sleep that night with electricity and lights and that the owners of the house were able to come by and give us comfort and help with the situation. Good is so good, The Church is so true!