Monday, June 13, 2016

Well everyone I know I´ve been terrible at writing every week but I think that I deserve to finish my last week in the mission with my last email. This past week has already been hard thinking about saying goodbye, I can´t imagine how hard it´s going to be when it actually comes.
On Sunday I was given the opportunity to give a talk. I used the story of the seminary teacher who has a student do ten pushups for each person in the class for a donut. Its a comparison of Christ´s sacrifice of The Atonement. It´s a super powerful story and I recommned all of you who haven´t read it to read it now!! Anyway, I have changed in many ways throughout my mission (almost all for the better) and suprisingly one of those changes is that I don´t become a crying mess when I get up to bear my testimony or teach. I still feel the Spirit just as strong but I´m able to hold it in more. :)
This past week, my companion and I were able to see how the Lord works and prepares the hearts of His children. The mom of a young recent convert that we teach, for the first time showed real interest to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and asked us with sincerity how she could know for herself. Mirta, one of our investigators who was a reference from a member in the branch, confided in us enought to tell us why it was hard for her to come to church. Through the guidance of the Spirit we were able to help her and on Sunday she CAME! I am grateful that my Heavenly Father is letting se a few more miracles before I have to leave.
Soooo here it is... The truth is its really scary and sad to know that I will be ending one chapter in my life and opening up a new one. But what the mission has taught me is that I will never go back to being the person I was before I served a mission. I am grateful for all the things I have been able to learn and what the mission and others have taught me. I now know what I need to do and how I can do it! I have learned that the most important thing in this life is the Gospel and I wouldn´t have chosen any other way to spend this past year and a half of my life. Even though my mission wasn´t the most normal and there were bumps and obstacles all along the way, I wouldn´t have wished it to be any other way. I know that throughout my time in the mission I have been able to be led and guided by my Heavenly Father and by letting Him guide me I have been able to see His hand, feel His presence, and become even more close to Him. I am eternally grateful for this precious time that I´ve had to serve and I can´t wait to serve Him for the rest of my life!
The Gospel is so good and the church is so true! Nos vemos pronto!
Hermana Cannon 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello Everyone!! 

I testify of my last email that Villa Gesell really is the promised land! This past week, my companion and I were able to find and teach 8 new investigators! And out of those 8 people, almost all of them are families that the spouses are married! A true MIRACLE! Never in my mission have I with my companions been able to find and teach this many people! I know that God already has His children prepared, we just need to find them! And be willing to open our mouths and testify! The mission has been a good practice for me in that aspect lol. Just like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 4. The field is WHITE and ready to HARVEST! 

Breaking news from this week:

My companion and I were taken in a police truck to be witnesses of boys with drugs...
And we´re MOVING APARTMENTS THIS WEEK! By next Monday we´ll all be settled in! 

Have a great week!! Con amor,

Hermana Cannon 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Helloo Everyone!! 

For mothers day, I had transfers! Hermana Olson left and now I am with Hermana Juarez from Lima, Peru. I absolutely love her! She is so great and I have so much to learn from her! I am so excited to work! And we are getting down to it, while also laughing our heads off all day. For both my companion and I, Villa Gesell, or the coast has become our promised land, and not just for all the sand lol. Just this week we have talked to so many people who are so ready to accept the gospel its crazy! Just this week we found and taught this mom, who now has a baptismal date for the 4th of June. There will be more people to talk about next week! Let the adventure begin! Love  you all have a great week! 

Hermana Cannon

Monday, April 11, 2016


This has been a crazy week but we have seen miracles in the tiniest of ways. These past few weeks we have felt like none of our investigators haven´t been progressing and we really just wanted to find new people that we could teach that were ready to accept the gospel. And this week we found two new investigators to teach! One is a 29 year old mom who really wanted to learn more and the best part is that we are almost sure that she´s already married!! The other one came as a huge suprise! We got a couple from the branch to come with us for a lesson with a 13 year old, recent convert, who is the only member in his family. But, to our amazement, his mom listened to us the missionaries for the first time ever!  It was the greatest because the couple, who have been members for about a year were able to bear testimony and help clear up the doubts that she had! Crazy miracle and a confirming moment for me that Heavenlt Father makes it possible for family members to unified in the gospel! Eternal Families are real and they are possible, in every family! 

Today, for Pday we went to the beach and had a picnic and built sandcastles in the freezing cold! Pictures with be attached below!

While on my last exchange with Hna Orgill, we thought of something like this.. "I know who I am and I know where I´m going!" I love this because the Gospel is the most important thing in my life and I will be forever grateful for the gospel and its saving power in my life! I know it is the only way to true happiness! We couldn´t get through this life without a loving Heavenly Father! 

Have a great week everyone! 
Hermana Cannon

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello Everyone!
This week as crazy!! Like every week where in the mission but this week we spent half of it traveling to the area right next to ours, Pina Mar to pick up an hermana, Hermana Ramierz and to go to doctor´s appointments. But we were still able to work with my partner in crime, Hna Olson!!
I LOVED conference this weekend. It was so powerful and I kept getting repeated confirmations that God literally speaks through His prophets and what they said is what God wanted to tell us and what we needed to hear!! As a missionary conference is even better than Christmas! It was a bittersweet moment for me because this was the last conference that I´d watch in the mission and the last time watching it in spanish in a forgein country! But I know that the Spirit can answer the questions of so many people all across the world and in every language! Because thats what happened to me! We are leaded and guided every step of the way with a loving Heavenly Father! How blessed are we?!
Wanted to share a quote I read from the talk of Elder Bednar from the last conference in October! Visiting with Elder Hales, he said,
¨When you cannot do what you have always done, then you only do what matters most.¨ -Elder Robert D. Hales
I love that quote because I have learned that THE MOST important thing in my life is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing else really matters, it is all temporary but the Gospel, with its principles and promises are eternal! Let us all live for God!! Love you all and have a great week!
Love from Argentina,
Hermana Cannon 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy late Easter everyone!!
We spent it getting soaked by the rain! We had just left lunch and we were on our bikes and it started drizzing. We didn´t want that to get us down so we kept going looking for people. It started raining harder and harder and we were getting super wet! We had not anticipated rain for that day so we brought nothing! We didn´t want to go home defeated form the rain so we kept looking for people to teach and knocking on doors. We thought that people would have mercy on us, but kept slamming their doors, and more rejection. We finally stopped by a members house who gave us shelter and warm towels for a few minutes so we could dry off! Miracle!
This week we´ve also had all the dogs from Villa Gesell attacking us! So I´ve been living with a constat heart attacks... I can now put scared of dogs on the list of things that I´m scared of. One even got my comp and bit her skirt! Luckily that was the only thing! Its us against the dogs!
Last Pday was a blast from America! We played volleyball on the beach, went to get Mcdonalds, and then got waffles! It was seriously heavenly.
This Easter I have felt my testimony grow of my Savior. Jesus Christ. I know He lives. I know that what he did is real and it can work for us in our lives at any moment. Nothing I can ever do or say can truly thank him but I know that I will forever be indebted to him. I´m a mormon! And if that makes me crazy for it, then call me crazy. I love this Gospel and know that it is true! Love you all! Believe in Him and His healing power!
Hermana Cannon 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Holaa Everyone!!
This week was pretty much amazing! We were blessed so much this week with lots of work and lots of SUCCESS! The first miracle was that one of our investigators, Karen, we thought that she moved to a different province in Argentina, but it turned out that she didn´t move and we were able to find her and her mom together for the first time ever and were able to teach them both and set a bautismal date for Karen!
Then on Sunday night, at a family home evening that we had at the church, we found the most perfect family! Or it´s better to say that the family found us! So we had gotten there late because we were out far at a lesson and we were trying to get the recent converts and investigators to the activity. With little luck and feeling discouraged, we went to the activity Locking up our bikes, we saw a young couple with a little baby girl stumpling around slowly outside the church. Something told me to lock the bikes quickly and talk to them and thats exactly what I did. We invited them in and they gladly accepted! They stayed for the whoel activity and loved it! They even participated and converesed with the members!! During the activity, I talked to the mom, Marisol about The Book of Mormon and the pamphlet of the Restoration. As I talked to her and gave her the books she looked at me as if I had given her a billion dollars. The smile and happiness on her face was undeniable and the Spirit confirmed to me so strong that this family was going to accept the Gospel. We got their address and their phone number and they want us to come visit them soon! After they left, I cried of joy. I had wanted to find a family here in the mission, but they had found me. I know that God put all of us there at that moment so that we could invite them in becuase I know that they were truly looking and in need for the gospel.

 The Church is so true, God really is at the head of this work, and The Spirit does guide us to the people that need the Gospel. I know it and I love this work so much, it can´t be compared to anything else!
Con amor,
Hermana Cannon