Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy late Christmas!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! My first Christmas in Argentina was wonderful and very different than in the states. They celebrate Christmas more on Christmas Eve so we had to be in the pench super early and at midnight they set off so many fireworks, more than on the 4th of July.

I forgot to say this last week but all that I´ve been praying for and wanting for Christmas is investigators! Right now, we have none.. We´ve had baptisms and lots of contacts recently, but no one really wants to commit and have lessons with it being Christmas time and everything. So it´s been just a little frustrating for my comp and I. But we had a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE yesterday, on Sunday. Alejandro and Mauro, two of our friends that work in the train station showed up! It was a miracle because we had never even taught them any lessons, we just talk to them and invite them to come when we pass by! They loved church and said that they want to come back and we´re going to start teaching them this week! This was by far  the best Christmas present ever!

And then another little miracle happened yesterday. I preached all by myself and gave a man a Plan of Salvation and a Book of Mormon. That probably seems like a duh huh because I´m a missionary and all but it was a huge accomplishment for me because I didn´t have my companion there to help me out with the language.  I was flying solo while my companion was talking to someone on the other side of the bus. And the biggest miracle of all was that I was able to understand all of what he was saying! Small steps:) 

This Christmas is a time for all things new because yesterday I ate rabbit!! I guess it tasted like chicken but the whole time all I could think about was that I was eating Bugs Bunny! Good thing I´m not a vegetarian though lol. 

Happy New Year everyone! Fuah this year came and went so fast! But just because Christmas is over, still remember everyday that Él es la Dádiva (He is the Gift). Love and miss you!!! Feliz 2015!!

Monday, December 22, 2014


Hi everyone!! Ahh I can´t believe that it is almost Christmas. Where did the year go? I have been having a blast down here in Argentina. Today we had a activity with our zone and we did secret santa. My comp was my secret santa and she got me a mate kit!! So I can be cool when I come home and drink mate like everyone else lol. 
     This week has been crazy busy with teaching, zone conference, intercambios, family home evening, church, and tons of Christmas activites! For zone conference on Tuesday all the missionaries did a  Christmas skit and I got to eat Argentine BBQ (which still isn´t as good as yours dad:) Then right after I had my intercambios which I forgot what the word is in English lol but it´s when you go to a differnet area and have a new companion for a day. So I was sent to Alejandro Korn which was campoooo (way out in the boonies lol) and I was companions with the sweetest sister, Hermana Flores, and she didn´t speak ANY English, the only words she knew was "No problem". Lol but it was such a good experience and I learned so much! Castellano especially. 
     So I am doing this 30 day challenge called 30daydesafío, which is really 30 days of asking a question and opening to any page in the scriptures. I have found that I can find my answer every time. It is amazing how the Lord can help us with anything! I challenge each of you to do the same. It has done nothing but increased my testimony of the scriptures and with my relationship with my Savior. Being a "yankee" (that´s what they call Americans here but with the accent it sounds like "Shoonkie" and a new missionary I literally have to rely on the Lord´s help for everything! But when I do put everthing I have to the Lord and do the things that I think are impossible, He lifts me up each time. The Church is true, my friends (and family:) 
 I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!! Drink lots of hot chocolate for me, bundle up, and enjoy the colder weather! Feliz Navidad!! 
Hermana Capa Cannon :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hi everyone!! 
So I am loving Argentina!! I love my comp, her name is Hermana Toala and she´s Somoan and from the States, so yay I can still speak a little English when I need to. I´m in an area called Burzaco and I love it. We have a cute little chapel and the members are the sweetest and do so much for us. And ohmygoodness the food is to die for here. Today we had Subway and I was expecting it to be like the Subway in the states but it was way better. So don´t worry, I am definitely eating well. I haven´t had anything too weird yet. They eat a ton of pasta and steak here and other Italian like stuff! 

Ok so funny story time. So my comp likes to play jokes on me while we´re at our lunches with the members and the first time we were eating at the bishops house and I couldn´t eat anymore so I turned to my Hna Toala and I was like ¨How do I say I´m full¨and she told me to say ¨como no¨which I didn´t know at the time but it´s another way of saying ¨why not¨. So I said it and she was like ok I´ll give you more food, but she quickly caught on to my facial expression and didn´t give me more food. Hahah so they´re used to missionaries from the states not knowing much Spanish. 

And then we were back at bishops house yesterday after church for lunch and when the bishop´s wife left to go get something and Hna Toala told me to say a phrase to compliment her on her food, she was like, Hna Cannon say this, ¨Que rico su porqueria¨ and bishop just nodded his head too and was like yeah yeah say that. I was like yay I can look somewhat smart for knowing a new phrase. So I said it to bishop´s wife and she just looked really confused and a little mad. So what it really means is ¨how good is your trash.¨So lesson learned from these past two weeks, never say what my comp tells me to say. Hahaha

The members know that I am super new and know nothing so they like to pick on me, but I can understand quite a bit. But I just win them over by telling my jokes:) When people meet me I get one of two things, I get, Cannon like the camera, or like a type of matress haha. 

And not yesterday but last Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and I knew that I needed to bear my testimony. And a member of the bishopbric got off the stand all the way to where I was sitting just to tell me that I had to get up there and bear my testimony. So it wasn´t a choice it was a demand. I eventually got up there and talked, I don´t know how but I did. At times like those I know that it is completely the spirit and not me. 

We haven´t had many lessons but when we do I mostly just sit and listen and then when I do talk, they ask how I can speak from only being here such a short amount of time, and the answer is always the spirit. That or they say that I can´t talk but I can sing. We are ALWAYS singing hymns in lessons and on the street, which I love.

Since I´ve been here we´ve already had 2 baptisms and another one this Saturday and on Christmas! The work is progressing so much here and it´s so exciting! The baptisms have been the highlight of my 2 weeks here. 

I can´t believe that it is almost Christmas! and I´m going to be having a hot  Christmas too!!! But we got a tree for our house and decorated. I´m excited to have my first of two Argentina Christmas´s! If you haven´t already yet go watch, He is the Gift. We´ve been focusing a lot on it and Christmas is such a good way to start up conversations about the gospel. So tell everyone you know to watch it! 

I am doing great and I am loving Argentina! Even though I can´t understand or speak too much I feel the Spirit so strong and I am reminded each day that the gift of tongues is so REAL And this is His work. Don´t forget to remember Him this Christmas! Thanks for all the emails this week! keep em coming! 

Hermana Cannon