Monday, February 2, 2015

Ah I cannot believe that I am in my 10th week here in Argentina. Where does the time go? Just two more weeks untill another transfer and then I figure out if I´m staying in Burzaco or leaving! Today for P-day was the best. We got to play sports with the whole zone and a hermana from Mexico made homemade tacos for everyone!! For being in South America, this was only my third time having tacos and from all the pasta and pizza, it feels like I´m in Italy. 
My comp and I have been working so so hard this week because we have 4 investigators with the same baptismal date, February 21st! And we´re also having a fiesta!! Or a ward activity which is going to be a Luau! Hermana Toala and I are planning the whole thing and the members and all our less actives are really excited about it. So we have A LOT to do these next couple weeks. 
My very favorite moments are when we have lessons and the Spirit is so strong. We had one of those this past week with Emilse and her god-daughter, Sol. We asked them if they could feel a difference when we were there and we left and they said that they notice a huge difference. They both said that they feel peace and harmony very strongly when we are there. They trusted in us enough to then confide in us with their worries and trials. The scriptures are the ultimate comforter. Like my 30 day challenge. I know that anyone can find all the answers that their soul hungers for in the scriptures. The patriarch in the ward who we eat lunch with every Friday told us this really cool analogy. The church is like one big hospital and we are all sick. We attend church and partake of the sacrament because we are all in need to be healed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate cure. With reading the scriptures and praying is the power of that cure. I know that peace, comfort, and pure joy comes from doing those things. One of our other investigators, Simon, said the best quote, ¨Dirty scriptures, clean heart.¨ It sounds better in Spanish but mark up those scriptures, and treasure them! 
Hermana Cannon 

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