Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh my goodness this has been the craziest week of my life, again. I arrived back to Argentina on Tuesday and what an adventure it has been since then. So right now I am in a city called La Plata but my area is called Romero. It is a tinnnnyyyy town in the countryside. They call it campo here lol. I already love it. Just so you can get a picture of how small town it is, the closest grocery store is 40 minutes away! The chapel is way nice and my apartment is behind a members house, again. lol. But they are the sweetest and cutest little family ever. Being back in Argentina has brought back SO many memories and I´m SO excited to be back here and to be a missionary again. I forgot how much I missed it and how precious this time really is. I am  100 percent content that  it was the right choice to come back because I know I have work to do here.

My companion is Hernama Ramiez and she´s from Monterrey, Mexico! She is the cutest little thing! I call her fiesty all the time because that pretty much sums her up. She knows completely nothing in English but I love it because I get to speak Castellano (Spanish) all day long. It´s the best. I am so surprised that I am able to understand and speak for being home for so long and being way new in the mission. It´s true what my stake president said in my setting apart, that I would be able to return and pick up right where I left off. I am still nowhere near fluent but I have time. I am able to express myself and show my real personality which I´m happy with. But my companion helps me out a TON and has so much patience with me which is what I hoped for. It´s like I´m I get to start my mission over again, except this time it´s a little bit better lol.

This time is also super crazy because in just one more transfer, so in June, the mission is going to split! So as of now I am in the east mission, which is the new mission, so if I stay here or move back to the south mission, that´ll be the mission I stay in! So crazy! I don´t know much about the new mission but my mission president right now, President Thurgood told us that the new mission president for the east mission is from Chile. I´m excited to see what happens! But what will be neat if I stay in what will be the east mission, we will technically the very first missionaries ever in that mission! 

So technically, I´m still considered as being "in training" even though I was only a week or two short from finishing my training. Which I don´t really mind because I´d rather take things slow instead of moving full speed ahead. I got to see some of the hermanas that came to the mission with me from the Provo, MTC, and they are all already TRAINING for the first time or second. So in just 7 months in the mission and they are already training someone else. So I am just fine with where I´m at. But it´s fun because Hna Ramierz and I have almost the same time in the mission from before I left, she has three months and I had four before I left so it´s almost like we´re new together. 

Either Heavenly Father has a ton of trust in me or He is really testing me because our apartment is two stories and the stairs are so small and sketchy! It literally is the tiniest staircase ever and looks like it should be for midgets. And since I´m in the countryside we have bikes! They are so fun and is so different from Burzaco, which as wayyy more city like than where I am now. Almost all of the members and the people that live here aren´t even from Argentina. Half the ward are from Bolivia and Paraguay so now I have to get used to not hearing the Argentine accent! 

Oh I have a funny story. So theres this dog that lives with the people that live in front of us and whenever he breathes, it sounds like he´s coughing up a hairball and a million other things. And this goes on all day and all night non stop. Even when we´re having the most spiritual of moments in the pench, we just hear that dang dog coughing up his lungs just trying to breathe. Poor thing. Anyway so one day this week I can´t remember I sorta told him sternly to stop breathing like that and he did for a few minutes and started back again. Well that night I left my boots outside because they were all muddy and I couldn´t bring them inside. The next morning one of my boots was gone! I found that same dog carried my boot away and chew out the sole. So I learned my lesson to only speak nicely, even to dogs that sound like their dying 24/7

And on a more spiritual note, I just can´t believe how happy I am. It´s like a dark cloud hovered over me when I was home. I am way happy here than I ever was at home and I truly am so glad that I chose to come back and that I can finish my mission where I started, in Argentina!! The first night here I was lying in bed and I just started balling. Not because I was frustrated or overwhelmed, but because I was truly happy. And when I thought about how much The Lord has blessed me already, I couldn´t help but cry. He literally has been there every step of the way and has given me exactly what I need exactly when I need it. The Lord´s hand in my life was so evident that I couldn´t help but be grateful, and even know I see it still, everyday. And for that I am deeply grateful. 

Well I just scratched the surface but that´s been my first week in Argentina, AGAIN. You truly do love me if you do end up reading all this and I apologize that it´s so dang long. And no pictures today. I forgot my cord, but next week expect lots! Love you all 

Hermana Cannon

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