Monday, August 31, 2015

Hola everyone! 

I heard from someone that being a missionary is just huge version of ding dong ditch. I never really understand that statement until now! We spent many days this week, Hermana Winfield and I searching for many references and contacts that the members had given to us or past missionaries had made in our area! Becuase the poeple here don´t have numbers on thier houses, we just have street numbers, so it is just a huge guessing game, or in the mission world, chances to share the gospel with everyone helps us or gives us directions. So it turned out that the 15 names we had at the beginning, doubled only because we were trying to look for houses, so thank you Argentina for maiking it easier on us to spread the gospel! 

Tuesday, we had a going away party for Edith Lopez, who left to serve her mission this week in Paraguay! We met at Hermana Graciela´s house and literally had a feast and we all wrote her little notes to take with her to read during her mission. I was sad to see her go because she helps us out so much, but like with every missionary, The Lord needs her in Paraguay! 

This Sunday was absolutley amazing because we had stake conference, but it was a broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Cook, Elder Hales, and Sister Marriot all spoke (And she even tried to speak a little Spanish which was very cute) and there is nothing like hearing talks from the apostles and authorities from the church. The theme was very obvious, that all youth need to serve missions, the importance of temple work, keeping the sabbath day holy, and to strengthen the family within the home. I wrote down a few quotes but I translated them back to English so I hope they sound okay! 

"Are we true believers?"

"It takes much discipline to keep the sabbath day holy."

"Our homes should become holy homes."  

Sorry here ya go, they sound better in Spanish lol. The Church is true and the Gospel is so good! Have a great week! Love you

-Hermana Cannon 

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