Monday, September 7, 2015

Hola Everyone! 

This week was pretty much the best week that I´ve had in Argentina because our investigators, Carlos and Angi got married! After a year and a half of pushing it off and dissapointing missionaries, we were finally the ones that got them to the altar! They got married Friday, and so that morning we got to their house early to get Angi all ready. We did her hair and makeup and she looked gorgeous! Carlos looked all studly in his suit and just their closest family came and we all left for the courthouse in Abasto! The marriage ceremony was really fast but after they exchanged rings, I had never seen them so happy. It was the cutest thing and I was sooo glad that I was able to be there for them on their special day. Afterwards we came back to their house and had the biggest BBQ ever. (Sorry dad but Argentina has you beat on the meat its so dang good). But we´re also going to have a wedding reception in the church for them this Friday since they didn´t get the chance to have one the day they got married. Now we just need to get them to the baptismal font! 

Tuesday we went looking for a reference that we had recieved from a member about a month ago. Well we finally find her and she just lets us straight into her house. I immediately feel so comfortable with her and such a strong spirit and then we start talking about the family because running through her house were her five little kids! She loved everything we had to say and when we asked if she would be baptized she said yes! It was the very first time we met her too! It is truly a testimony builder to me that The Lord is always preparing His children, we are just the instruments that find and teach, The Holy Ghost does the rest! 

That´s all I have for this week yall! The Church is so true and the Gospel is so good! 

Oh and thanks for all the Birthday emails! Ah tomorrow I turn the big 21! This has been the fastest and craziest year of my life! (so far) 

Have a great week!

Hermana Cannon 

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