Monday, February 1, 2016

Helloo Everyone!! 

It has been a crazy but wonderful week here in hotttt Argentina!!! Besides dying from the heat we were able to go to the temple last Tuesday!! It was very much needed! And I know with all my heart that it is truly the House of The Lord and that it is the only place where we can be a little bitt closer to Heaven and be totally cut off from the world. It is a holy place of answers, peace, and without any pain or tempation. It was 8 months too long for me without the temple, and I encourage all of you to go! Today! RIght now! lol. 

Today is kinda a crazy, bitersweet day for me because a year ago today I was on a plane heading home from a broken foot! I can´t believe its already been a year and it has been the craziest, fastest, and hardest year of my life (so far). A year ago I thought that I would never be able to finish my mission let alone finish it in Argentina!! Unexpected changes happen, changes that aren´t part of our plans. But I have learned that "His ways aren´t our ways" like it says in the scriptures and that if we let God take control of our lives he will ALWAYS lead us in the direction and the path that we need to go. His plans are PERFECT!! 

"Fear not, because the future is only as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson 

Have a great week! 
Hermana Cannon 

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