Friday, October 31, 2014

and it was exactly what I needed to hear. She is so awesome and she talked about how we need to slow down and go back to the basics of our testimonies. She said that it is not important that we count or stones, rather we should fortify them. I couldn't agree more! I forgot why I was where in the first place, for the love I have for my Savior and my testimony of Him is that He truly is my best friend. After the temple today I picked up the scriptures and turned to Enos, I love this story because Enos had so many worries and burdens and He gave them all up to the Lord and because of his faith, The Lord made him whole. I have found from this whole week of teaching that you do NEED to put your whole trust and faith in Him and He will lift you up and carry your burdens and worries for you. Just taking that first step into trusting him is the hard part.
I can testify that after this week that the gift of tongues is so real!! ok story time...
So we have this thing called TRC where there is a 60/40 percent chance that we could be teaching a REAL investigator from off the streets or a member pretending to be an investigator. Scary right?! Anyway so our first lesson with our TRC was on Monday, and just keep in mind that at that point I'd only been speaking Spanish for 4 DAYS!! And we're like 90 percent sure our guy is a real investigator! He is from Peru so he had a different accent, talked fast, used huge words, and mumbled, sooo yeah I came out of that lesson feeling so discouraged! But we taught him again yesterday and it was going so much better and it's crazy how after just a few days I was able to understand soo much more. So things were going good until he asked why we would ever want to come to this earth where it is so hard, why didn't we just stay in heaven. My companion and I were stuck. We knew how to explain it to him in English but he wasn't understanding us as we tried to tell him in Spanish! So I said a really quick prayer and I opened to Mosiah 4:9-10 where it says that we should believe in God, believe that he created all things, and believe that we cannot comprehend all things. That was such a small miracle. After reading that scripture, he then said that things were getting very interesting and he wanted us to come back because he had to go. I seriously hadn't been this happy all week. After teaching him, it confirmed to me that this is why I want to be a missionary, because sharing the gospel makes me SO happy! This really is the gospel of happiness!!
I can't believe that it's already Halloween! It obviously doesn't feel like Halloween because everyday is the same in the MTC but I didn't even remember that it was Halloween. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
I'll try to get pictures uploaded but all the computers are being dumb! sorry I don't have much time but thank you to everyone who sent me emails, letters, and deareldres! they made my week. If you can please write me a dearelder or a letter because I have more time to respond and I can actually write you a good letter back! and a dearelder is like email except I can get it the same day!

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I love you all! and hasta la semana!
Hermana Cannon

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 1:19 PM, Carly Cannon <> wrote:
Hi Everyone!
       So this week has been filled with so many ups and downs but it just keeps getting better everyday. My brain now only works in Spanglish so I'm going to have to make sure I don't slip any Spanish words on accident. lol. The MTC isv so great. I've been here for only a week and two days but it already feels like a lifetime. I don't know how I'm going to make it to 6 weeks! But I leave for Argentina on December 1st! So pray that I don't have any problems with my visa!
I was struggling a little at the beginning of the week just because I felt so down and frustrated about not picking up Spanish like I wanted and because everything was just so stressful and chaotic and I needed a spiritual boost. On Tuesday night for Devotional we had the general primary president come and talk to us

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