Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hi Everyone! 
        There hasn't been too much that's exciting going on this week. Just the same routine of eating, 9 hours of class, and teaching. But Tuesday was the best!! We had two devotionals that day and got to leave the MTC and go to BYU Marriot Center!! It was so nice to be able to go into the real world and to get out of the "box" that is the MTC. It was sooo nice and I guess pretty rare so I was lucky for that hour of almost freedom lol. That night for Tuesday Devotional we had a member of the 70 come and speak! It was Cristoffel Golden and his talk was awesome. He talked about women and the priesthood and how when sister missionaries are set apart that they have priesthood authority to teach. Cool huh?! I also loved the quote he gave from Elder Holland I think but it says, "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day." I love that quote because it doesn't matter who we used to be in the past, we just need to be a better person than we were the day before. We just need to focus on the person we want to be NOW and in the future. 
       That's pretty much all I have for this week. The language is getting A TON better. It's not easy but so worth it. I am able to understand and speak so much more just after a few weeks which is incredible. I can bear my testimony and pray en espanol. yayayay! That's the easiest part. Even though my Spanish is still muy mal, when the Spirit is there in the lesson, it doesn't matter. And man is the Spirit always so strong here in the MTC. I love being a missonary!!
      Thanks for all the letters and packages!! and you can write me on and I'll get it the same day so I can write you a super long letter back! 

Love you!
Hermana Cannon

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