Monday, December 22, 2014


Hi everyone!! Ahh I can´t believe that it is almost Christmas. Where did the year go? I have been having a blast down here in Argentina. Today we had a activity with our zone and we did secret santa. My comp was my secret santa and she got me a mate kit!! So I can be cool when I come home and drink mate like everyone else lol. 
     This week has been crazy busy with teaching, zone conference, intercambios, family home evening, church, and tons of Christmas activites! For zone conference on Tuesday all the missionaries did a  Christmas skit and I got to eat Argentine BBQ (which still isn´t as good as yours dad:) Then right after I had my intercambios which I forgot what the word is in English lol but it´s when you go to a differnet area and have a new companion for a day. So I was sent to Alejandro Korn which was campoooo (way out in the boonies lol) and I was companions with the sweetest sister, Hermana Flores, and she didn´t speak ANY English, the only words she knew was "No problem". Lol but it was such a good experience and I learned so much! Castellano especially. 
     So I am doing this 30 day challenge called 30daydesafío, which is really 30 days of asking a question and opening to any page in the scriptures. I have found that I can find my answer every time. It is amazing how the Lord can help us with anything! I challenge each of you to do the same. It has done nothing but increased my testimony of the scriptures and with my relationship with my Savior. Being a "yankee" (that´s what they call Americans here but with the accent it sounds like "Shoonkie" and a new missionary I literally have to rely on the Lord´s help for everything! But when I do put everthing I have to the Lord and do the things that I think are impossible, He lifts me up each time. The Church is true, my friends (and family:) 
 I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!! Drink lots of hot chocolate for me, bundle up, and enjoy the colder weather! Feliz Navidad!! 
Hermana Capa Cannon :)

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