Monday, December 15, 2014

Hi everyone!! 
So I am loving Argentina!! I love my comp, her name is Hermana Toala and she´s Somoan and from the States, so yay I can still speak a little English when I need to. I´m in an area called Burzaco and I love it. We have a cute little chapel and the members are the sweetest and do so much for us. And ohmygoodness the food is to die for here. Today we had Subway and I was expecting it to be like the Subway in the states but it was way better. So don´t worry, I am definitely eating well. I haven´t had anything too weird yet. They eat a ton of pasta and steak here and other Italian like stuff! 

Ok so funny story time. So my comp likes to play jokes on me while we´re at our lunches with the members and the first time we were eating at the bishops house and I couldn´t eat anymore so I turned to my Hna Toala and I was like ¨How do I say I´m full¨and she told me to say ¨como no¨which I didn´t know at the time but it´s another way of saying ¨why not¨. So I said it and she was like ok I´ll give you more food, but she quickly caught on to my facial expression and didn´t give me more food. Hahah so they´re used to missionaries from the states not knowing much Spanish. 

And then we were back at bishops house yesterday after church for lunch and when the bishop´s wife left to go get something and Hna Toala told me to say a phrase to compliment her on her food, she was like, Hna Cannon say this, ¨Que rico su porqueria¨ and bishop just nodded his head too and was like yeah yeah say that. I was like yay I can look somewhat smart for knowing a new phrase. So I said it to bishop´s wife and she just looked really confused and a little mad. So what it really means is ¨how good is your trash.¨So lesson learned from these past two weeks, never say what my comp tells me to say. Hahaha

The members know that I am super new and know nothing so they like to pick on me, but I can understand quite a bit. But I just win them over by telling my jokes:) When people meet me I get one of two things, I get, Cannon like the camera, or like a type of matress haha. 

And not yesterday but last Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and I knew that I needed to bear my testimony. And a member of the bishopbric got off the stand all the way to where I was sitting just to tell me that I had to get up there and bear my testimony. So it wasn´t a choice it was a demand. I eventually got up there and talked, I don´t know how but I did. At times like those I know that it is completely the spirit and not me. 

We haven´t had many lessons but when we do I mostly just sit and listen and then when I do talk, they ask how I can speak from only being here such a short amount of time, and the answer is always the spirit. That or they say that I can´t talk but I can sing. We are ALWAYS singing hymns in lessons and on the street, which I love.

Since I´ve been here we´ve already had 2 baptisms and another one this Saturday and on Christmas! The work is progressing so much here and it´s so exciting! The baptisms have been the highlight of my 2 weeks here. 

I can´t believe that it is almost Christmas! and I´m going to be having a hot  Christmas too!!! But we got a tree for our house and decorated. I´m excited to have my first of two Argentina Christmas´s! If you haven´t already yet go watch, He is the Gift. We´ve been focusing a lot on it and Christmas is such a good way to start up conversations about the gospel. So tell everyone you know to watch it! 

I am doing great and I am loving Argentina! Even though I can´t understand or speak too much I feel the Spirit so strong and I am reminded each day that the gift of tongues is so REAL And this is His work. Don´t forget to remember Him this Christmas! Thanks for all the emails this week! keep em coming! 

Hermana Cannon

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