Monday, June 22, 2015


I have come to find out that each day here in La Plata, Argentina is literally an adventure. Let me tell you about this week´s adventure.. 

Tuesday- We sent a baptism date with one of our investigators!! It is crazy, I know that we are put in the exact places at the right time becuase this whole week I have been able to share personal experiences about my life or my family´s that I haven´t shared in years or have never shared out loud! Her name is Rumilda and she has the cutest family! Ah I´m a sucker for the little kids. But we just hope that she is already married so she can skip that step and go straight to baptism. That has been our theme for this transfer, getting people to the altar! 

Wednesday- INTERCAMBIOS (exchanges) with the very beautiful Hermana Browning from Utah. aka Yankee-ness round too! I got to go to their area again and probably had too much fun with her in City Bell. 

And on Wednesday I huge miracle happened for me. So before I left I thought I had packed a huge bottle of my favorite lotion (the same lotion I have been using my whole life). Anyway but when I got here I found out that I had brought fash wash instead of the lotion. But when I was in my exchange, in the lunch with a member, I saw the brand of lotion that I loved and had forgotten at home. The sister who we were eating with saw the look on my face and when I told her how much I loved this kind of lotion gave me a whole box full of samples, without hesitation, enough to last me my whole mission! Turns out that her husband works for the same company of the lotion and they get them for free all the time. I know this may sound vain and like a lame miracle, but for me it is huge and just a HUGE testimony builder and eye opener that God cares and understands that smallest of details in our lives and if living right, will answer and provide for the tiniest of things that you may need. Prayers work people! God is so good! 

Friday- Was a blast! We had our Father´s Day activity went so well! So many members, less actives, and investigators showed up! It´s true in any country, if you want people to show up just say free food and games! My game of real life fusball was a hit and all the dads loved it! 

Monday- My favorite and cutest Mexicana made me tacos today! And I baked a cake but there´s no skill in that! Sorry United States but these tacos were WAY better than any of the tacos there. 

My sister training leader, Hermana Small gave me this quote which I love! 

"Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the trees." -Thomas S. Monson 

This next week is going to be crazy because it is finally crunch time!! By this weekend I will find out my fate, if I´m in the new east mission, or going back to the south. How sad but exciting of a time this is. So stay tuned for next week. So nervous! 

Shoutout to my dad for Father´s Day. I love you dad! 

Have a great week and enjoy for the sunshine and summer for me while I FREEZE in Antarctica! 

Love the Arizona girl who is so not used to the cold,
Hermana Cannon (Colchone) 

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