Monday, November 16, 2015

Hi Everyone! 

So I´m still alive and in Argentina!! I´ve been so bad that I haven´t been writing weekly emails, theres just literally not enough time on P-days. But let me give ya´ll a run down on these past couple of months!

I´m in Quilmes now, or beer city, because of the huge beer factory that the city and the beer is named after. But it´s great here I´m really starting to like it and the members here are fantastic! 

About a month ago, my investigators, Carlos and Angelica, the ones who got married, got BABPTIZED! They were baptized the weekend after I got transfered out of Romero but my mission president let my new companion and I, Hermana Flores come back for their baptism. It was amazing and the sweetest experience to have watched them grow through every step. I have seen their lives change, and I know it is only possible through the Gospel. I can´t wait to be there for the next and biggest step in their lives when they are sealed in the temple! Yay eternal families!

My companion and I have been working super hard in our area but whats super funny is that we always end up in temporary trios! They call our apartment the hotel for the sisters because we´re always having sisters coming in for doctors appointments, passport stuff, etc, because we are the closest sisters to the mission office. I absolutely love it. I get to spend time and get to know so many sisters. It´s so fun. 

The Church is so true and the Gospel is so good! 

Have a great week everyone! 

Hermana Cannon 

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