Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello Family! 

So this week has been literally CRAZY! And a lot has happened and I don´t have long to write but I´ll just give ya´ll the high lights!! 

Last week I wrote how we are the hotel for the hermanas and it is soo true!! We had two sisters stay with us Wednesday night and another sister Thursday till today. We are always in trios and it is so fun! 

We have two investigators with baptismal dates coming up really really soon! For December 12th and we have already seen the Christmas miracles because the two women have completely accepted Christ in their lives and want more than anything to be baptized and to follow Christ. That includes giving up smoking and all other bad habbits for the Gospel! I seriously learn more than them then they learn from me! 

We had a super massive family home evening with all our investigators, seriously like 6 of them that are all progressing. It was the most powerful experience ever. They all shared their testimonies and how the Gospel has literally changed their lives. They are all so strong and they are a blessing in my life. This work is the sweetest. 

I have a funny story and a scary one too: 
 So we were teaching our investigator, the one with the date and we were outside at her table when all of a sudden I felt something really warm on my leg! I looked down and saw that her dog was peeing on my leg! In shock, I pushed him away and kindly asked to go to the bathroom. It was suoer disgusting but we all laughed about it later. The mission is for firsts times for everything! 

On Saturday night after planning, I started to feel a ton of pressure in my chest and it hurt to breathe. This went on for hours without letting up and so I called the mission nurse and from there called Hermana Nunez. The next night they took me to the hospital, President and Hermana Nunez and luckily I didn´t have anything serious, just a virul infection in my lungs! All they did for me was give me a shot and tell me to rest. Which is almost impossible in the mission and hard too! But luckily I am feeling much better!! 

So I´ve seen and been though a little bit of everything this week! I love this time that I have to be a missionary and I would´nt trade it for the world. The Church is so true and the Gospel is so sweet. Take care everyone!! Love you all!! 

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