Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello Everyone!
These past two weeks have truly been amazing! We had the chance to listen to Elder David A. Bednar last Wednesday. We were so close, on the second bench in the front of the church! I felt the Spirit so strong, it was so undeniable and I know without a doubt that he is an apostle of the Lord. He was also super hilarious and didn´t stand up and lecture us the whole time. It was more like a chat of answering questions and the bearing of testimonies. He incorporated all of us and so we were all the teachers. My stud of a companion even stood up infront of thousands of missionaries  and answered a question from Elder Bednar. It was the best day ever. The Spirit was able to answer some of my questions while other missionaries asked questions. About the worries of family at home or less active family members Elder Bednar said.. "Our absence is better than our presence at home."  "Keep your covenants! It brings the most power to your families."
He also mencioned how we as sisters need to worry a little less and that the elders should worry a lot more. It was so funny. But its true, we are too hard on ourselves, and sometimes for no reason.
My fellow MTC sisters and I were also able to be reunited!! All seven of us were there, since the split of our missions last July. It was soo nice to see old friends again and all of us back together!! :)
This week we´ve been working like crazy finding people! And its been paying off!! We found 2 new investigators in one week, which is like unheard of here in the coast. Every day God literally leads us to where we need to go and when. And when necessary, he sends people to lead us. That truly happened this week. We found a lady that actually lead us to the house that we were looking for. Small miracles are happening everyday but they make such a huge difference! THIS IS GOD´S WORK! I love it!!!  The Church is so true and the gospel is so good!
Con amor,
Hermana Cannon 

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