Monday, March 14, 2016

Holaa Everyone!!
This week was pretty much amazing! We were blessed so much this week with lots of work and lots of SUCCESS! The first miracle was that one of our investigators, Karen, we thought that she moved to a different province in Argentina, but it turned out that she didn´t move and we were able to find her and her mom together for the first time ever and were able to teach them both and set a bautismal date for Karen!
Then on Sunday night, at a family home evening that we had at the church, we found the most perfect family! Or it´s better to say that the family found us! So we had gotten there late because we were out far at a lesson and we were trying to get the recent converts and investigators to the activity. With little luck and feeling discouraged, we went to the activity Locking up our bikes, we saw a young couple with a little baby girl stumpling around slowly outside the church. Something told me to lock the bikes quickly and talk to them and thats exactly what I did. We invited them in and they gladly accepted! They stayed for the whoel activity and loved it! They even participated and converesed with the members!! During the activity, I talked to the mom, Marisol about The Book of Mormon and the pamphlet of the Restoration. As I talked to her and gave her the books she looked at me as if I had given her a billion dollars. The smile and happiness on her face was undeniable and the Spirit confirmed to me so strong that this family was going to accept the Gospel. We got their address and their phone number and they want us to come visit them soon! After they left, I cried of joy. I had wanted to find a family here in the mission, but they had found me. I know that God put all of us there at that moment so that we could invite them in becuase I know that they were truly looking and in need for the gospel.

 The Church is so true, God really is at the head of this work, and The Spirit does guide us to the people that need the Gospel. I know it and I love this work so much, it can´t be compared to anything else!
Con amor,
Hermana Cannon  

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