Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy late Easter everyone!!
We spent it getting soaked by the rain! We had just left lunch and we were on our bikes and it started drizzing. We didn´t want that to get us down so we kept going looking for people. It started raining harder and harder and we were getting super wet! We had not anticipated rain for that day so we brought nothing! We didn´t want to go home defeated form the rain so we kept looking for people to teach and knocking on doors. We thought that people would have mercy on us, but kept slamming their doors, and more rejection. We finally stopped by a members house who gave us shelter and warm towels for a few minutes so we could dry off! Miracle!
This week we´ve also had all the dogs from Villa Gesell attacking us! So I´ve been living with a constat heart attacks... I can now put scared of dogs on the list of things that I´m scared of. One even got my comp and bit her skirt! Luckily that was the only thing! Its us against the dogs!
Last Pday was a blast from America! We played volleyball on the beach, went to get Mcdonalds, and then got waffles! It was seriously heavenly.
This Easter I have felt my testimony grow of my Savior. Jesus Christ. I know He lives. I know that what he did is real and it can work for us in our lives at any moment. Nothing I can ever do or say can truly thank him but I know that I will forever be indebted to him. I´m a mormon! And if that makes me crazy for it, then call me crazy. I love this Gospel and know that it is true! Love you all! Believe in Him and His healing power!
Hermana Cannon 

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