Friday, November 14, 2014

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!! 

So I have had a crazy week that will hopefully make you lol at me. So Sunday night we have devotionals, and lately it's just been members of the 70 but Tuesday it was the Presiding Bishop of the church, Brother Davies. Anyway so after each devotional they have us clean the gym/ devotional room to get ready to transition it back into the gym. So they put down this huge tarp on the ground to cover the floor and they had all the missionaries put everything away and roll the tarp back up. Well I was one of the many missionaries who was dragging the tarp across the gym/ folding it up and while we were walking backwards with the tarp, I totally biffed it and fell on my butt, AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO FALL. Sooooo embarrassing! But it doesn't stop there. Along with being the only one to fall, they kept bringing the tarp to the other side so I was being trapped and drowned in the tarp and couldn't escape. One of the sisters in my district had to yell, "We've lost a sister, we've lost a sister." And then everyone realized that I was underneath the tarp and they stopped and I was finally able to breathe and get out of there lol. So typical me, I would be the only one to fall. 

So besides embarrassing myself in front of half of the MTC, I also slightly injured myself on Saturday. It was during volleyball and the ball came down weird on my hand and smashed my thumb (because I am sooo not good at volleyball) anyway so after the game I noticed that it was all bruised and swollen underneath my thumb. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and the doctor said that it was just torn muscle in my hand. Weird right? It's harmless, but annoying and will heal on it's own but just take awhile. Leave it to me to not only embarrass myself but to also injure myself in just one week. Go me:)

So on a more spiritual note, the MTC is freaking awesome. For those of you who have never experienced the MTC, I wish you could just be here on a Sunday because they are the most amazing Sunday's I have ever had. Well every day feels like Sunday but Sunday's are my all time favorite days here. They call them "Magical Sunday's" for a reason. Another thing that I absolutely LOVE here is that the Spirit is always here. The Spanish is getting so much easier and it is truly incredible how much more I am able to understand and speak day by day. They drill it into us here to teach by the Spirit and it makes soo much of a difference in a lesson. The Spirit is the teacher, not us. I come out of lessons not knowing how I spoke and understand Spanish for a 50 minute lesson. It is a miracle. Especially that the people we teach are able to understand my terrible, broken Spanish! That is the biggest miracle of all. I don't know how I am able to say the things that I do during lessons and share personal experiences but I have learned that I need to say exactly what the Spirit prompts me to say. Even though I am in the MTC and we do teach a lot of lessons with our teachers who are pretending to be investigators so they are technically "fake", the Spirit however is not, it is so real even in a fake lesson. It is amazing. I am always crying in lessons here. imma mess. But it's awesome. 

Anyway so on a terrible note, it snowed yesterday! I was so mad and definitely not ready for the cold! But it's crazy to think that in just a little less than 3 weeks I'll be in America but South enjoying summer! Yay for endless summers lol. 

Another cool thing happened this week. So me and this sister in my zone just realized that we both lived at Tuscany Apartments at BYU-I last fall and even cooler is that she lived in the apartment directly underneath me!! And we were in the same ward and everything. But I had no clue who she was and didn't recognize her. Small world. 

And I can't upload pictures from my camera because the bookstore doesn't have a converter for mine(they have mad blocks on all the computers), but I will try to send pictures from my companions camera. I'll just have to post all my pictures once I get down to Argentina!

Well that's all for this week! Sorry it was so long but hopefully I was able to make y'all laugh!! I love and miss you all! Thanks for all the emails and letters! Keep 'em coming!! 

Hermana Cannon

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