Monday, January 12, 2015

Another week in beautiful Argentina! 

So here´s a rundown of my action packed but awesome week:

Tuesday the 6th- I had another exchange (which I just found out what the word was in English lol) in the countryside of Alejandro Korn! But this time I was with Hermana Barrett who´s from Chandler, Arizona!! Like 10 min from our house! So we had lots in common and lots to talk about. Arizona power! 

Wednesday the 7th- My companion and I taught a lesson to a young teenage girl named Candela and she agreed to be baptized!! I was so pumped! I´m really excited because I feel like she is of my first real investigators and I´ll have the chance of teaching her hopefully from start to finish and if everything works out then she will be my first baptism!! 

Thursday 8th- Was a sick day for Hermana Toala so that meant I got to study Spanish for 5 hours!! Ha but it was great and very much needed! 

Friday the 10th- I had homemade Mac N Cheese from a family who has traveled to USA a bunch of times so it was nice of them to make food that reminded me of home. And a funny moment, so we stopped by to check up on an old investigator and as we were talking to her she just says, "I don´t like white people." And my comp is Somoan and there I was looking super white soooo just a little awk. lol

Saturday the 10th- Was a day of hard work and miracles!! We went to one of our areas that I had never been to, my comp said that hermanas don´t go there too often because it is dangerous, but we found that it was golden!! We taught a lesson, contacted a bunch of people and one of the girls we contacted we asked her for any references and she was like yeah my mother-in-law. She lead us there, which was only a house over and the mom, Maria told us that she had been looking and praying for a church to join. MIRACLE. 

I learn SO much everyday I cannot even write it all down. And it´s a lot more than the language. Every day brings a new lesson and I am truly being humbled. The mission is hard, but it´s the small tender daily merices of The Lord that make it worth it. That experience with the area with a lot of success and especially with Maria only strengthened my testimony that God is always preparing people to hear his word. I have seen it here in Argentina. That´s why having the Spirit at all times is crucial in missionary work. Because we can´t do it without divine help; but we ourselves need to do our part too. I love the quote, "The Lord works best with already moving feet." We have the truth, the light, and pure happiness, let´s share it!! 

I love and miss you all. Keep on keepin on! 
Hermana Cannon

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