Monday, January 5, 2015


I hope everyone had an awesome New Years! I cannot believe it´s already 2015! For New Years Eve here since it was dangerous for us to be out in the streets we had to be back in our pench at 6. And that night we spent it watching Disney Movies! And Ephriam´s Rescue (which is the sequel to 17 Miracles and it was soooo good). And just like Christmas, there were sooo many fireworks. 

On a more spiritual note, I made some spiritual goals for the new year that I want to work towards this year so I can be the type of missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. On my #30díadesafío (30 day challenge) I asked what things I need to do and I opened up to D&C 4. The famous missionary section. I decided to focus on verses 4 and 6 that list the attributes of the Savior and that I want to work on as well as a disciple of Him. So there were about 10 different attributes listed and each month I´m going to study each one! 

New Years day, the dog of the Sister that lives in front of us died. So we spent that morning cleaning her house and taking care of the body. It was a really sad way to start the new year and a wake up call to me that life is so short and that I can´t waste a single second of it, especially now on the mission. I am on the Lord´s time, not mine. Something that was always said in the MTC that has stuck with me is that "you have 18 months to serve and your whole life to think about how you served". That applies to non missionaries too. We will have eternity to reflect on how we lived our lives on earth so every moment is a gift and a blessing. Thank goodness for a new year and a chance to be better! 

New Years Day I had real Argentine BBQ and it was great I loved it but the next day I was so sick and in bed the whole day. And all the members were like, she had the meat huh? Hahaa so it´s the norm for a missionary from the States to get sick after eating the meat here for the first time because it´s just a little different, I´ll leave it at that lol. 

Yesterday, we had our lunch with the bishop and his family and after we had shared our scripture they asked me to pray in English because they don´t know anything in English. So I prayed and not only was it weird but it was so hard! I know I´ve only been in Argentina for only a month but it´s crazy that Castellano is starting to take over my brain lol. It´s like my companion always tells me, "Don´t underestimate the power you have, and never forget where that power comes from." SInce I´ve been here I´ve seen so many miracles take place, with myself and with the lives of others. It has been a testimony builder to me that God has a hand in every part of our lives, both big and small. 

Well, sorry I wrote so much and rambled but what´s new lol. I love and miss you all! 

Hermana Cannon 

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