Monday, January 26, 2015

Hi Family!! 
This week has been so much more crazier than the rest but FILLED with miracles! 

I found out that my old lacrosse friend from high school, now Hermana Meeks is not only in my mission but in my zone! So I get to see her all the time! A little piece of home:)
Wednesday after our zone meeting I was feeling super sick so we headed to the clinic a couple towns over and we walked in and the security guard was asked was what was wrong, and neither of us really knew how to explain it in Castellano so I was just like my throat hurts, fever (the few phrases I did know). He sent us to a little doctors office and lucky for me my doctor was fluent in English! Turned out I had strep! 

And then Friday we got to go to the temple!! Oh how I missed the temple. I took for granted being so close to so many temples and being able to go often! But the Buenos Aires temple is so gorgeous and was so worth the 3 hour bus ride! 

Then right after the temple we had another exchange! But this time I was staying in Burzaco and my comp was leaving. That meant that I was the one that had to be in charge. And man is it stressful but I was able to do it! Sometimes I underestimate myself but I have learned to press forward and just to have faith that The Lord will guide me every step of the way and that difficulties and problems come along the way for us to learn and grow. 

The work is progressing so fast here. I am so happy that I get to be here at this time and have the investigators that I do have. As of today we have four people with a baptismal date! Simon, a man we met on the street from Columbia who read 9 chapters in the Book of Mormon in one day and came to all of church the next day. Emilse, a mom of two little girls who started crying when we started to talk about eternal families and our purpose here on earth because that is what she had been searching for. And Monica and her nine year old son, Pepe, who in just the second lesson asked us if she could be baptized. I am so grateful that I am able to be there too in the lessons becasue I know that the Holy Ghost who is the one who teaches, not me. This is the gospel of peace, of comfort, change, and miracles! God is good! La Iglesia es verdadera! (The Church is true) 

love you! I´m always praying for you and keep me and our investigators in your prayers! 

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